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Hello, my name is Linda Mancino; I am the owner of Glowing Results.
Glowing Results has transformed my life. You have navigated your way here because you want to change something about your life, I endevour to assist you along that path. Thank you for taking the time to view my website. As you navigate your way through the following pages I want you to think about your life and what you want to change. None of us can go back and start again, that time has passed, but one thing we can all do is rewrite the ending.

Change the destination, change the journey, you are the driver. Time is the great equaliser, we all have the same amount, and it is what we do with our time that creates a different result. With my help and assistance, you can become the person you wish you were.

Servicing areas all around Melbourne, especially Mernda, Doreen, South Morang, Diamond Creek and Hurstbridge. 
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